1000w Portable Power Station

1000W/1200Wh Portable Power Station - EB120

Introducing the EB120 from market leader Ryangi – A powerful, highly advanced portable power pack that delivers AC and DC for more demanding applications. Exceptionally high quality and robust design, the EB120 is packaged in a lightweight and ruggedized aluminum alloy body making this powerpack extremely versatile.

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Utilizing the latest high energy density lithium-ion battery technology the EB120 provides a huge 1200 watt-hour of electricity from both its rated 1000W AC pure sine wave 230V inverter, 12V 10A car DC output socket, 4 x USB ports (3.0A per pair), and NEW Type C port (45W) to power and charge newer laptops and smartphones with this protocol. A Type C cable is included

The pure sine wave AC output from the socket inverter makes this power pack ideal for powering more noise-sensitive or more difficult inductive loads. In-built protection with error code reporting also provides for fast overload and short circuit protection ensures safe operation.

The EB120 backlit LCD panel clearly informs the user of the battery level, input charging power, and DC and AC output power, and the output connectors are backlit to indicate when they are turned on.

Recharging the EB120 is safe, quick, and easy using the included AC adapter or from solar using the supplied cable. With an built MPPT solar controller the EB120 can be charged with a 500-watt solar array making this powerpack ideal for off-grid/remote power alternative to generators in noise-sensitive areas.

The EB120 powerpack is designed to deliver flexible and highly efficient power for more industrial and commercial applications and to end-users who demand the very best and most reliable all-in-one solution.


Dimensions:294 x 165 x 365mm
Weight:12.6 kgs
Battery type:Li-ion
Battery capacity in Wh:1200 Wh
Output USB:4 x 3A USB-A 5V-3.0A
1 x 45W USB-C PD 45W
Output 220 V:2 x AC 230 V
total max. 1200 W continuous load
total max. 2400 W peak load
Overcharge protection:Yes
Dimensions:320 x 217 x 222 mm (12.6 x 8.5 x 8.7-inches)
21.3lbs (9.7kg)
Net Weight:Yes
Charge indicator:6 – 6.5 hours
Recharge time via AC:1 x MPPT-120 W / 14-40V
Input DC:90W (adapter)

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