2000 Watt Portable Power Station

2000W/2KWh Portable Power Station - EB200

With the Ryangi EB200 you always have a reliable backup at hand. As an emergency supply at home, but also as an ideal power supply at the campsite, on the boat, or during outdoor adventures.

  • Double protection on both BMS and charger
  • Pure Sine Wave inverter, more friendly for electric appliances
  • 5 charging method, support double charging port working simultaneously
  • Interactive touch screen to show the working status and faulty diagnosis
  • Fashionable color collocation, sleek and sporty
  • 2000w strong power to charge 17 devices simultaneously
  • 2000wh High Capacity, long-lasting standby
  • Intelligent temperature cooling fan, working silently

2000W/2KWh Portable Solar Power Station - EB200


The Ryangi EB200 surpasses any other portable power station in the same segment. The Ryangi EB200 is powerful and versatile. The big advantage of the Bluetti EB200 is the LiFePO4 battery and the 4 AC outputs. A LiFePO4 battery has a long lifespan +/- 3500 cycles. After 3500 charging cycles, the capacity will still be 80%. With a lithium-ion battery, on the other hand, you can assume an average of 500 charging cycles, with an average of 20% capacity loss. The Ryangi EB200 does not require active maintenance to extend its life. The low self-discharge (<3% per month) ensures that you can store the Power
Station for a longer period without recharging.


Size:440 x 296 x 387.5mm
Weight:27.5 kg
Battery type:LiFePO4
Output USB:4 x USB-A 5V/3A
1 x 100W USB-C PD Port
2 x Wireless Charging
Output DC:2 x 12V/3A (5521)
1x 12V/10A
1x 12V/25A
Output 220 V:4 x AC 230 V (EU Schuko)
total max. 2000 W continuous load
total max. 4800 W peak load
Input DC:1 x MPPT controller max. 700 W / (500W via adapter)
input voltage solar panels: 35V – 150V (max. 12A)
Overcharge protection:Yes
Charge indicator:Yes
Recharge time via AC:5 hours
1000 watt power station
1000 watt power station

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