500W Portable Power Station

300W/500Wh Poratable Power Station - AC50

Ryangi AC50S is a 500Wh lithium Portable Power Station, smaller, lighter design, No Gas & No Fumes. A way cleaner, safer and quieter alternative to gasoline backup generators. It is an ideal emergency power backup for RV outdoors, camping or hurricane and other power outage situations. You can have your small household appliance like TV, mini-fridge, LED light, drone, camera, laptop, CPAP, router, smartphone, tablet charged. The AC50 is regulated 12V DC Output, run your 12V appliances without reduction.

  • Double protection on both BMS and charger
  • Pure Sine Wave inverter, more friendly for electric appliances
  • Built-in MPPT solar controller, high efficiency
  • The innovative design of food-grade anti-collision rubber cover
  • Intelligent temperature cooling fan, working silently
  • Multiple DC output ports, support charging different devices simultaneously
  • LED lighting and SOS functions
  • Double AC output socket of 300W

300W/500Wh Poratable Power Station - AC50


Ryangi AC50 500Wh is a Portable Power Station that is very handy to use while camping, on boat trips, during adventures outdoor, or as an emergency power supply. With this power station, you can supply almost all electrical devices that are up to 300 watts with energy. Ryangi AC50 has different connectors, from USB-A, USB-C PD (45 W), wireless QI, 12 V to 230 volts (300 W). That makes this power station the ideal electrical supply for many outdoor situations. From smartphones, tablets,s or laptops, to light sources and small household appliances, such as cooler boxes.

Ryangi AC50 operates silently and fuel-free. With a battery capacity of 500 Wh, an average laptop can be charged up to 8 times. An electric cooler, for example, can also be powered for a long time. The charging process through solar panels is faster than charging through the wall socket or through the cigarette lighter in the car. Charging through the power outlet is possible with a maximum of 90 W. With Solar Panels the maximum input (120 W) is achievable, which reduces the charging time of the Bluetti to 5 hours.


Size:259.5 x 191 x 196mm
Weight:6.2 kgs
Wireless Charging:15W
Battery type:Li-ion
Battery capacity in Wh:500 Wh
Output USB:4 x 3A USB-A
1 x 45W USB-C PD Port
1 x Wireless Charging
Output DC:2 x 12V/3A (5521)
1x 12V/10A
Output 220 V:2 x AC 230 V (EU Schuko)
total max. 300 W continuous load
total max. 450 W peak load
Input DC:1 x MPPT-120 W / 14-40V
90W (adapter)
Overcharge protection:Yes
Charge indicator:Yes
Recharge time via AC:6 – 6,5 hours
Wifi function:No
500w portable power station

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