How To Use Lithium Battery Power Station?

Lithium Battery Power Station
Faced with a noisy environment and busy work, people tend to travel around on weekends to relax and get close to nature, which is what many people are doing. In addition to the necessary daily necessities, most of them will bring a portable energy storage lithium battery power station, which can power mobile phones, computers or other electronic products during outdoor activities.

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Portable Power Station Usage Guideline

With the development of social science and technology, the demand for the use of portable lithium battery power station has gradually emerged. The portable energy storage power source has the functions of light weight, high capacity and high power as a “standby power station”, which solves all the problems of electricity demand. Let’s see how to use it together~~

1. Check the power of the load to ensure that it does not exceed the rated power of the portable power supply. If it exceeds, please choose a portable AC and DC power supply with higher power. Open the package and take out the portable power station, which includes a computer, an adapter, a cigarette lighter and a car charger.

2. Insert the AC load power plug into the mainframe power jack, turn on the mainframe switch of the power supply, and then turn on the switch on the load to start normally.

  • Portable lithium battery power station to supply power to electronic products with USB interface, such as mobile phones, small USB fans, energy-saving lamps, etc.;
  • Portable power supply car charger to supply power to electronic products, such as electric wrenches, car wash tools, car vacuum cleaners, jacks, air pumps, etc.
  • Portable power supply powers electronic products through adapters, such as desktop computers, floor fans, notebook computers, etc.

3. After use, please turn off the AC switch of the machine and charge the power supply.

4. When using the lithium battery power station, it is necessary to strictly follow the operation steps to ensure that the power supply is used in a cool, dry and ventilated environment, and water or other liquid substances are not allowed to be immersed; in order to ensure heat dissipation, at least 5CM space around the power supply must be guaranteed to have smooth airflow.

Charging Method Of Portable Power Supply

  • Solar charging
  • The standard adapter charging
  • Car cigarette lighter charging

How To Use The Flashlight

There are three modes: Torch/ Flash/ SOS Rescue; single press the flashlight switch key to turn on the flashlight, single press to switch the mode, and single press again to turn off the flashlight.

In general: portable solar power stations are widely used as emergency backup power supplies for outdoor activities, camping, outdoor emergency rescue, outdoor detection, household backup power supplies, etc. Backup power needs.

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