What Is Portable Power Station?

portable battery power stations
The battery is a great invention, especially the "lithium battery" we use today. No matter whether there are more advanced batteries in the future, at least the current "lithium battery" makes our life more colorful. Mobile phones, cameras, laptops, hand-held power tools, and even cars, airplanes, etc. are all inseparable from "lithium batteries"

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Portable Power Station History

This is a product that has only appeared in recent years. Ryangi first came into contact with this product in 2014. To tell the truth, this is a product of the nature of “magic oil”, “portable energy storage power supply” is also called outdoor emergency power supply, outdoor uninterruptible power supply. It is a product launched in accordance with the concept of “environmental protection, energy saving, green environmental protection, and ecological environmental protection”. It not only has all the functions of an online UPS, but also provides stable power protection for key loads. Capital investment in reactive power compensation equipment and voltage stabilizer equipment.

At the same time, energy storage batteries can also be used to shave peaks and fill valleys in the power grid, use peak and valley electricity prices to generate income for enterprises, realize the active work of the entire system, and realize the comprehensive utilization of new energy. It is generally suitable for data centers, public transportation, financial services, medical equipment, network communications and other industries.

In 2013, when the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan leaked, and there were many earthquakes and typhoons in Japan, there were frequent power outages, affecting the lives and work of local residents.

The portable energy storage power supply is developed to solve the power shortage. This work can be powered independently from the power grid, and can efficiently use solar power to generate electricity. The lithium battery can store electricity in large capacity, and then convert it into various AC and DC power to supply people’s daily electrical appliances, such as Lighting, cooking, boiling water, making tea, computers, printers, telephone communication, etc.; because of its lightness, it can be easily carried at home and in the office to ensure normal life and work.

The concept of the work at that time was Power Station (power station), with power generation, power storage, power transformation, power supply, monitoring, software and hardware protection, frequency modulation (because Japan has 50HZ, 60HZ), fault self-checking, fault recovery, and several major functions. , the works developed after miniaturizing the concept of household energy storage photovoltaic energy storage power station.

Around 2017, some companies in China produced similar products and began to call it “portable energy storage power”. The biggest feature of “portable energy storage power supply” is that it can get rid of the limitation of “wires”, supply power to various electrical appliances for a long time, alternating current, direct current, and is lightweight and portable.

What Is The Portable Battery Power Stations For?

One of the biggest points of portable energy storage power is emergency treatment. Even if the coverage of charging piles is very high, there will always be times when the charging piles cannot be used but there is no electricity. At this time, the portable UPS energy storage power supply will come into play.

And the portable energy storage power supply does not necessarily have to be used in the 18650 lithium battery of the electric vehicle. For example, when you need to use electricity when camping outdoors, the portable power supply can also be of great use at this time.

With the development of society and economy, the demand for portable energy storage power has gradually emerged. In view of geographical restrictions, outdoor and other remote areas have problems with electricity consumption, equipment backup power problems, and power outage problems. Cause work, cause equipment, machinery and tools to stop working; interfere with people’s normal daily life.

Portable energy storage power supply is a multi-functional portable AC-DC emergency treatment large-capacity power bank device.
It has safe Lithium-ion battery and inverter conversion technology, and has a “standby power station” with light weight, high capacity, high power and other functions. Portable energy storage is very popular, and your home will be powered by batteries in the future.

Portable Solar Power Station Features

The biggest feature of “portable energy storage power supply” is that it can get rid of the limitation of “wire”, supply power to various electrical appliances for a long time, alternating current, direct current, and it is lightweight and portable. It is a “standby power station” with the functions of light weight, high capacity and high power. Portable energy storage power sources are very popular. In the future, your home will be powered by batteries, which can save a lot of electricity bills. This is a new energy product, and it is the best choice in the future.

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