Concept & Technology

Starting from itself, it has launched the “dual carbon” strategy, increased product research and development efforts, and developed a variety of outdoor and household energy storage power sources with exclusive patented technologies, which can support solar charging,
portable power and provide “carbon neutrality” and “carbon reach” Peak” contributes to Ryangi’s strength.

High Energy Density Technology

Exceeding Limitations, battery cell energy density: 330 Wh/kg

Long Life Technology

Commitment that can Stand the Tests of Time. Service life can reach 16 years or 2 million km

Super-fast Charging Technology

An Inch of Time for An Inch of Gold. Charging to 80% capacity in five minutes

Authentic Safety Technology

Makes Every Trip Safe and Sound. Four-dimensional safety protection, giving batteries aircraft-level safety

Automatic Temperature Control Technology

After 15 Minutes of Charging, Ready to Drive in the Snow. The battery is able to warm up to 4°C per minute

Smart Management Technology

Let Your Battery Know You Better Than You Do. 24-hour full life cycle comprehensive monitoring

Portable Power Supply Series

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of Power!

Portable Home Battery

The household power generation system is generally composed of a photovoltaic array composed of solar cell components, a solar charge and discharge controller, a battery pack, an off-grid inverter, a DC load, and an AC load. If the output power is AC 220V or 110V, an inverter is also required. Solve the power support required for each family member's living electricity, home office, depot, etc.

Outdoor Power Station

Portable power station is a multi-functional portable power supply with built-in lithium-ion battery, which can store electric energy and has AC output. Whether it's outdoor self-driving travel, outdoor work, or emergency rescue, Ryangi's "portable outdoor power station" can easily meet your electricity needs in various situations, making the outdoors more exciting!

Professionals Power Supply

The small mini professional portable power station, for professional business people going out to work, and video game enthusiasts provides a fast and lightweight power supply station solution. Suitable for photo equipment, drone, smartphone, laptop, MP4, Nintendo Switch, etc.

Commercial Power Solution

The commercial energy storage system consists of battery stack, battery management system, bidirectional converter system, central control system, temperature control system, and fire protection system. As an energy-saving solution in the commercial and industrial fields, it integrates energy development and consumption to maximize energy-saving effects and cost control of electricity costs. The excess electric energy at the access point of the energy storage system is stored in the battery, and the electric energy is released when needed, so it has an excellent energy saving effect.

Life Is Full Of Positive Energy

We always take it as our mission and vision to become a brand that continuously explores and innovates energy technologies and empowers people to live a better life, will focus on the exploration and innovation of solar-lithium battery energy technology to support and promote the green energy era.