Power Solution

Always Have One Option Fit For You

The portable solar power station is the most convenient choice for people to use electricity for travel and life. By linking with the Tianyang solar panel, the larger area and power of the solar panel can make the energy storage battery more fully charged, anytime, anywhere. Your activity maintains a steady power output.

Ryangi’s energy storage batteries can be combined with the application scenarios of photovoltaics and charging piles to meet the needs of outdoor sports enthusiasts, home emergency power generation, commercial power supply and other fields. In the future, we will continue to develop more green new products with the needs of the times. The technology of energy mutual conversion is not limited to photovoltaic systems

Professionals Power Solution

Providing flexible power suitable for today’s work and entermain environment is a big undertaking. Ryangi offers an easy-to-deploy portable power solution that can be set up within minutes. Keep productivity high by supporting a flexible work environment with proper power solutions for all your devices. Continue to inspire enthusiasm for your interests and professions, mini power for Laptop, Camera, Smartphone, Drone, Nintendo Switch ect.

Outdoor Power Solution

With more and more people traveling outdoors, coupled with the rise of vlogs, the demand for storage power is increasing. The outdoor portable solar power station can supply energy to itself through household mains, car chargers, solar charging panels, etc. It is suitable for individual users to use for self-driving tours, outdoor travel, camping adventures, and provides consumers with electricity guarantee outdoors, enriching the outdoor life.

Home Depot Portable Power Station

Home depot power station, day and night, provides a steady stream of green electricity for families, saves electricity expenses, and enjoys a comfortable and quality life. Always ensure the normal operation of lighting, security, electrical appliances, floor heating, water purification and other systems. Powers your home applications refrigerator, microwave, kettle, blender, cooker, fan, heater, lighting, and more.

Home Depot Portable Power Station

Home Solar Power System

With the development of science and technology and the concept of low-carbon environmental protection, it is also a more and more mature technology to carry out photovoltaic transformation at home. Photovoltaic power generation is a kind of green renewable energy, which uses photovoltaic modules to convert light radiation into Electric energy has been gradually recognized and accepted by the public at home and abroad in recent years. Unlike traditional energy sources such as thermal power generation and hydropower generation, photovoltaic power generation can not only be used commercially, but ordinary households can also use photovoltaic power generation.

Commercial Power Solution

The green energy era characterized by high efficiency, cleanliness, low carbonization and intelligence is supported and promoted by many countries in the world today. Ryangi started from itself, launched the “double carbon” strategy, increased product research and development efforts, and developed A variety of outdoor and household energy storage power sources with exclusive patented technologies can support solar charging and contribute to “carbon neutrality” and “carbon peaking”.

Energy Storage on Power Generation

Ryangi’s energy storage systems provide energy storage and output management in power generation. The electrochemical technology and renewable energy power generation technology form a joint system. Through the high-level consistency of cells and the powerful computing of BMS, Ryangi enables the power generation to restore a stable power grid, optimize the power output curve, reduce solar and wind curtailment, provide system inertia and the functions of frequency and peak modulation, increase the proportion of renewable energy in total power generation, and optimize the energy structure.

Energy Storage on Power Transmission and Distribution

Ryangi’s energy storage systems provide smart load management for power transmission and distribution and modulate frequency and peak in time according to power grid loads. The Ryangi electrochemical energy storage system has the functions of capacity increasing and expansion, backup power supply, etc. It can adopt more renewable energy in power transmission and distribution in order to ensure the safe, stable, efficient, and low-cost operation of the power grid.

Energy Storage on Power Consumption

Ryangi’s energy storage systems provide users with a peak-valley electricity price arbitrage mode and stable power quality management. Ryangi’s electrochemical energy storage products have been successfully applied in large-scale industrial, commercial, and residential areas, and have been expanded to emerging scenarios such as base stations, UPS backup power, off-grid and island/isolate systems, and intelligent charging stations for optical storage charging, and testing, etc. Such applications help regions that lack power grids to have access to electricity, reduce electricity costs, ensure a stable power network, and achieve maximum social and economic benefits by using renewable energy to its greatest extent.