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With Ryangi energy, you have all the charging options you need in one compact, reliable solution.

In order to pursue the determined goal to power people’s lives during the power outage and providing emergent power supplies on camping trips, Ryangi was established in 2000 and is a pioneer in the power storage solutions industry. with several over 20 years as senior electronic engineers joined and founded Ryangi in Guangzhou, dedicated to providing outdoor green energy solutions for family emergencies, explorers, camping, hiking, and working remoting. Today, as the top product in the portable power station industry, Ryangi has become a firm backing for our customers to explore more in their lives, whether indoor or outdoor. With Ryangi Power Supply Solution to Your Everyday Power Problems.


15 Years' Charging Technology, Customer Service 200+ Countries

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Flexible Supporting Your Devices, Power Multiple Devices at Once

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Tiny, Space-Saving, Eco-Friendly, Support For Indoor & Outdoor

Green Energy

Creating Cleaner, Greener Planet, Tiny, Secure Energy, Super Quiet

Flexible Design

Fast Recharge, Powerful Output, Dustproof, Style Meets Durability

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GB/T18287, UN38.3, MSDS, RoHS, IS09001/14000, IATF16949, SA8000

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You will never run out of power again

Providing flexible charge power supply suitable for today’s life or work environment is a big undertaking. Ryangi portable power station offers an easy-to-deploy portable charge power supply solution that can be set up within minutes. Keep productivity high by supporting a flexible survival environment with proper power solutions for all your devices.

With Ryangi Power Solution to your everyday Power Problems, from power blackouts to camping, indoor to outdoor, Ryangi energy power stations have you covered.

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portable power station

Portable Power Source

Lithium Battery Power Station

Outdoor Power Station

Freedom to play anywhere, anytime

Ryangi realizes many people love to travel or go camping, taking an increasing range of gadgets. The flexible power station supports exploring, camping, Leisure, hiking, fishing, even forRV, and yachts, to solve your problem. No more flat battery blues! Traveling in the great outdoors is about the journey and making memories along the way. Buy a portable power station today!

Powering Professionals

Freedom to work anywhere, anytime

These battery units are equipped with a built-in voltage stabilizer circuit junction box, USB ports, and AC outlets, DC ports, which can power up devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, camera, drone and other devices. The tailored portable power bank station is Engineered for the Modern-Day Professional. Making it the perfect power companion for any situation, flexible and versatile enough to work anywhere without power restrictions.

portable power station
portable power station

Home Backup

Freedom To Life Anywhere, Anytime​

Versatile and powerful, home backup systems offer everything you need to fight blackouts caused by power villains. you can keep your home appliances essentials powered up using home power station energy. If power outages are a problem for you, portable solar generators are the solution, leaving you free to make the most of any situation.

Portable Solar Panel

Freedom to charge anywhere, anytime

Portable solar panel chargers provide high-efficiency output power to your power stations. With solar generators, Solar panels use sunlight as a source of energy to generate direct current electricity. Arrays of a photovoltaic system supply solar electricity to the power station. You don’t have to worry about energy anymore, and it’s eco-friendly.

portable power station

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Ryangi is a solution leader in renewable resource and portable power stations, fabrication, and custom.

Come here and listen to the suggestions of some experts. It doesn’t matter if you’re an outdoor sports fanatic or a housewife newbie. You will win our knowledge to understand all the industry information and fashion trends of Portable Power Station and inspire your quality of life and career development. That is the common goal of what we should do and think about.

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Maintain in-depth cooperation with many hardware vendors and well-known brands

We really enjoyed working with Ryangi. Their one stop shop spirit makes me feel as if we are one. I am very satisfied with their product quality and overall customer service and have no worries. Ryangi is and will be our long-term portable power station supplier.

Daisy Malhotra

Purchasing Manager, ORICO


I had a very good purchasing experience from Ryangi. The product quality is good, the service is patient, the delivery is timely, and every step makes me worry-free. We look forward to continuing to work with Ryangi and recommend it to my friends.

Kalo James

Business Owner