How Long Will The Home Solar System Last?

home solar system
With the continuous positive news of photovoltaic energy, more and more customers are now consulting Ryangi solar power generation. Especially home users are concerned about many issues. When many friends inquire about the installation of photovoltaic systems, they come up to ask a question: how much is one watt? Then it is: yours are too expensive, others of the same brand offer only $XX dollars per watt?

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Home Solar System Status

In the experience of customers in fields other than energy storage and power generation, the overall system of solar power plants probably does not have much technical content. Like a child building building blocks, it is nothing more than buying solar panels, inverters, and photovoltaic brackets, and connecting them together. Power on the wire. However, this is not the case. Solar energy storage power generation is a content involving a lot of physical knowledge and technology. It requires engineers with long-term project experience and professional knowledge and skills to control the overall situation.

In the fierce market competition environment, the cases of seeking price competitive advantage by reducing costs continue to win, and the quality problems of power plants are not uncommon. With the continuous emergence of news such as the photovoltaic power station being blown down by strong winds and the spontaneous combustion of photovoltaic roofs, there are more and more questions about the long-term operation ability of photovoltaic power plants.

home solar power station

Choose Solar Power System For Your Home

Ryangi, as a professional one-stop solar power station solution provider for 20 years, custom for personal portable power stations, or commercial solar power storage for companies, even the house power system. Has been committed to creating value for customers and providing the best cost-effective solutions, including energy storage power generation equipment, project process, installation guidance, after-sales maintenance, etc. The orientation continues to provide customers with valuable cooperation. Ryangi summarizes the following 3 types of companies in the energy storage market.

  1. The manufacturer, the so-called original, is actually bundled sales
  2. The seller, that is, the agent and distributor of the manufacturer, the purpose is to sell the product
  3. Installers, fighting price wars, buying cheap goods on the market and patching them up for installation

System integrators (service providers) think from the perspective of system integration, how to survey, how to select and design, how to install, and so on. The quality of the power station produced can be guaranteed, and the system efficiency can be higher. Moreover, it can really consider the customer, according to the customer’s investment budget, the actual situation of the roof, the expected income, etc., to tailor a truly suitable photovoltaic power station overall system for the customer.

In addition, monitoring the working conditions of the system at any time, regular maintenance, and providing customers with a full range of after-sales services for up to 25 years, this photovoltaic system can really bring real benefits to customers. Ryangi has compiled a list of frequently asked questions from our customers as below:

home solar power system
home solar system

No. Ryangi Energy’s cables are dedicated to photovoltaics, with double-layer insulation. All cables are not directly exposed. The operation and maintenance team of Ryangi tech team will also conduct regular inspections and maintenance. Ryangi Solar has a professional technical team to control all the issues considered in product development. Ryangi’s products have been tested by a number of domestic and foreign professional institutions, with guaranteed quality, and a complete after-sales service team to solve your problems.

Photovoltaic power generation is on the roof, and the radiation of photovoltaic panels is not as high as that of mobile phones.

It doesn’t matter if a few leaves fall on it, it doesn’t have much impact, and it can’t be directly seen from the power generation. And the rain will clean to a certain extent.

This kind of roof is not suitable for installation. If it is to be installed, the roof needs to be reinforced and transformed.

The same type of equipment from the same manufacturer has different configurations. There is a lot of difference between high and low configurations. Ryangi Energy uses high-profile equipment to ensure the safer and more efficient operation of the power station.

The same type of equipment from the same manufacturer has different configurations. There is a lot of difference between high and low configurations. Ryangi Energy uses high-profile equipment to ensure the safer and more efficient operation of the power station.

Generally, it can be washed with water.

The orientation of the house, the installation area, whether there is any shelter nearby, and whether there are pollution sources (such as dust factories, cement factories, paint factories, iron factories, etc.).

Ryangi Energy technology is mature, with a professional construction team, excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service, and the adaptability of each component is considered in the design to ensure the stable operation of the power station.

Ryangi Energy’s technical team can design a plan first, and you can compare this plan.

Winter is different from summer. In winter, the sunshine time is shorter, and the power generation will naturally decrease, but it will not affect the normal use of your home appliances. When the power generation is insufficient, the State Grid will automatically supply power to you.

Yes, Jiaogu Solar Power Station fully considers the local climate and environment, and can resist typhoon level 13. If you want to prevent extreme weather, you can refer to buying insurance.

No, Ryangi photovoltaic system has power failure protection and island protection.

No, it will not affect the use of any home electrical appliances.

Single crystal power generation is high, poly crystal power generation is slightly lower; single crystal cost price is high, poly crystal price is low; single crystal attenuation rate is high, poly crystal attenuation rate is low.

In China, ¥5,000 RMB per kilowatt for domestic users; ¥4,000 RMB per kilowatt for industrial and commercial users. Projects above 10 kilowatts will be quoted according to specific conditions

No radiation, use it with confidence.

The Ryangi solar photovoltaic system can be used by all load appliances in the home.

Ryangi home power generation is a clean energy source without any environmental pollution.

All solar photovoltaic systems are installed with slideways and bolts, which will not damage the roof.

Home Solar Power System History

Case 1. The oldest known photovoltaic power station in Europe, located in the canton of Ticino in southern Switzerland, this 10KW power generation system installed on the roof of the laboratory of the Swiss University of Applied Sciences and Arts, referred to as TISO‐10, has been running almost continuously since it was connected to the grid. 40 years.

Although the electrical layout of the TISO-10 power plant system has undergone several changes, except for a few inverter replacements, all components have been used to the end, always exposed to the outdoors and sunlight, and have not undergone renovation or modification. , there are very few modules with junction boxes and bypass diodes replaced. In addition, the inverter has been replaced five times in 40 years. About 21.5% of the modules show a -0.2% annual decay, which is also in line with the data promised by the manufacturer.

Scientists say most of the components performed well, meeting initial expectations. That is to say, at least 70% of the components in this power station meet the service life of 35 years.

Case 2. In Gansu, China, there is also an old power station built in 1983. It has a history of 38 years so far. Although the 10kW at that time has been reduced to 7kW, it is still generating stable power!

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